I will send you a letter.

My name is Bruce. I will send you a letter using rustic old-timey snail mail. What is the letter about? That's the surprise.
No cost. No strings attached. It's just a letter.

Questions & Answers

Q. When will the letter arrive?
A. Few days after I mail it. I have a kid and full-time job and there's a pandemic and I am really good at making excuses to put off going out.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. It costs you nothing. Zip. Zero. Nada.

Q. Will you be selling my address?
A. No. I won't be signing you up for marketing or some other garbage. This is just a letter. If you like it you can get more. Also for free.

Q. How many letters will I get?
A. Just one unless you decide to proceed with the verification process.

Q. Can you mail me a letter outside of the United States?
A. Sure.

Q. What is the letter?
a. Yes. Maybe. Who knows?

Any other questions? Shout at me on Twitter.

Thank you. You're all set.

Now is the waiting game. I'll see you in your mailbox shortly.
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